Flame summer issues


Flame started having his “summer issues” today. I noticed that he’s been having a hard time cooling off & recovering from our normal light rides this week. Today when I went to get him out of his pen he was breathing hard & ribs heaving but not sweating. (He usually sweats when I lunge or ride him.) I put him in the cross ties & took his temp which was 100.9. I rinsed him off with cool water & put him in front of a fan. He is now switched to a stall with a fan rather than his outside shaded pen (probably for the rest of the summer). He’s done this sporadically over the summers but it seems to be happening more consistently. I just titrated him up to his fall dose of Pergolide (5mg) on 7/5 & I am waiting 3 weeks to have his ACTH, insulin & glucose tested. I though if I got on titrating him earlier this summer that we could possibly avoid this- it obviously didn’t work. This week he also stopped eating his Timothy Balance Cubes & his beet pulp. I’m now leaning towards possibly a form of anhydrosis since he does sweat when working but not during these heavy breathing & rib heaving episodes. Should I do a terbutaline test or is it contraindicated for PPID & EMS/IR horses? Are there any drugs or supplements that I can give? Do the Equiwinner Patches work? Any advice or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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