Re: #photo #photo

Sherry Morse

Hi Anette,

Can you please add the link to the photos ( to your signature?  If you want to change the sort order you need to go to the upper right hand corner and select "sort by" and the specify name/date posted/date taken. That will only change the view for you, not everybody else.

Now as far as the pictures themselves - I would put this horse at about a 3 on the Hennecke scale, if not less. (You can see photo examples of horses at different body scores here:

If you've already run bloodwork on him and nothing is obviously wrong I would be supplementing his pasture with hay at a rate of 2% of his ideal weight (19lbs/day for a 950lb horse) to see if that helps him put weight on.  If he does not gain weight with an increase in forage you may need to do a deeper dive into what else might be going on with him, but to my eyes this is not just a possible PPID issue.

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