Re: Diva laminitis, help and hoof evaluation

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Anna,

Thanks for adding the photos from today. It looks like the trimmer did what was needed, based on the radiographs - shortened the toes. They still need to be shortened some more to get them into the proper location. The rest of the hoof capsules appear to be in pretty good shape and didn't need any trimming.

The latest rads show that the sinking has increased since the 2018 ones were done. Sole depth is about the same in both sets - borderline adequate, so could use a bit more sole depth. Bony column alignment is good, so no rotation. Rasping will not cause laminar damage, so it should be done if needed. Generally, it doesn't cause the horse any pain to have excess hoof material removed, even when they are laminitic. In fact, once the trim is optimal, they generally feel much better - if all the underlying causes have also been addressed.

I relabeled the radiographs, as the views are laterals, not medials. Many of the older photos also have the lateral views of the hooves labeled as medial. When you have a chance, it would be helpful if you could change those as well.

You can use the green comfort pads in the Cloud boots - they may actually be too thin, as the pads that are specifically designed for the Clouds are even thicker, although not as dense, so they squish and conform to the contours of the bottom of the foot more precisely.

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