Re: Lavinia would you advise the new Xrays please

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Carrie,

I've added a couple of mark-ups to Lillie's album:

I made a composite of the the marked-up rads from 3/2021, 6/2021 and the current hoof photo of each front foot so you can see what was going on, what is going on and the suggested changes to the trim.

Both sets of rads were shot from slightly below the feet, with beam aiming slightly upward. The March ones were also shot thru the block Lilly was standing on, so the part of the bottom of the foot is being obscured by the block.This makes interpreting the images somewhat more difficult, as you aren't getting a clean lateral view of the structures and sole depth. This generally makes the soles appear thinner to some degree than they actually are. Lilly has significant sinking, which appears to have remained the same in the two sets of rads. Her sole depth appears adequate. There was bony column rotation on the March rads that appears to have been partially corrected for, as there is less in the most recent rads. Heels still need to be lowered more to totally correct the bony rotation. Her toes need to come back some to set her breakover in a more appropriate location. The resin appears to be extending that toe length, which isn't helping her situation. That may be part of the reason the resin doesn't want to remain in place for very long as the lever forces on it are tending to break the bond with the hoof. The "seedy toe" issue is mostly just laminar wedge material that is disintegrating. Rather than extending it, getting rid of it would be more helpful.

RF lateral composite: The pink line in the rads shows how the bony column should be lining up. In both, the tip of the coffin bone has dropped down from this alignment, which is what bony column rotation means. The green line shows where the dorsal wall should be lining up, parallel to the bony column. The blue lines are the trim lines to lower the heels and bring the excess toe length back. The solid blue area  on the March rad and the blue X on the June rad are the excess toe length that doesn't need to be there. The red lines are the area of the bottom of the foot not to touch as that is where the sole was/is barely adequate. Yellow line 1 runs thru the coronary band, #2 points to the extensor process. The distance between them denotes the amount of sinking. Because of the sinking, her hoof capsules need to remain much longer vertically than those on a healthy donkey in order to properly encase all of the bony column that resides inside.
On the actual hoof photos, The green line is the same as the one on the rads. These aren't trim lines, just visual markers. The blue area at the toe corresponds to the blue X on the June rad. The blue line corresponds to the blue line on the bottom of the June rad for lowering the heels. Her frogs should be allowed to touch the ground.

LF lateral composite: Same general discussion as for the RF. There is more sole depth on this foot so the entire foot has a bit of extra depth to play with when lowering the heels.

None of these changes should cause Lilly any pain while being implemented - they should actually make her more comfortable very quickly.

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