Re: best time to test acth and insulin

vicky monen

On Thu, Jul 8, 2021 at 06:55 AM, Sherry Morse wrote:
We as a group have not found good success with splitting the dose.  The people who have done dosing twice a day are usually using the 2nd dose in addition to a high dose to help with continuous control.  You can do a search on this by going to the message list and putting "split dose" into the search box.
I just went back and read the threads on splitting the dose.

Since I have been splitting his doses,  which might make it less effective,  is it possible he doesn't need the full 2 mg per day?

When switching him to his full dose once per day,  would I just give him the 2 pills and see if he gets a veil?  Or should I titrate him up to the 2 pills once per day? 
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Aug 2015, Alpharetta Ga.

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