Dr Kellon- insulin results back from Rio and it’s up again!!


Received the insulin tests back from Rio and her insulin is up again despite Invokana and safe hay.  I urgently need advice as to how to proceed with her to get her insulin down as we are going further and further backwards. I am loosing hope to be honest as can’t figure out what the trigger is. Need advice please.

Results from blood taken on June 28th 

Insulin 260 pmol/L previous test in May  189 pmol/L
glucose 5.6 mmol/L prev - 5.3 mmol/L
triglycerides - .8 mmol/L - no test as lab forgot
vitamin e - 5.4 umol/L ref range 4.6 - 23 - first time testing 

As mentioned, she is on free choice hay and no exercise but this is not working as her insulin keeps climbing. What options do I have?  Should I start walking her, reducing feed?  She is getting balance cubes with her mineral and the hay; no other feeds.

She continues to be on and off stiff but seems to be moving well despite the stiffness.  She is in boots but getting some boot rubs with hot weather and sweaty feet. Also soft soles due to the boot sweats too as notice this if I take the boots off for longer duration to dry out boots and give her feet some air. Keep in mind it has been very dry here so ground is hard. We have had hot temps and flies are driving the horses crazy and biting despite trying everything to keep them away. 

No word of when I can get a vet exam and I need ideas of why her insulin keeps going up. I need to do something before we have even more of an issue so would like some advice and direction please. Last year going into the fall with her hay being fed at 2% body weight abs being on Invokana she had the lowest insulin I have ever seen at 

Would low vitamin e affect insulin?
What  about PSSM2 - does that affect insulin at allans can it drive it up more?

I have added in Alcar and 3 amigos as well to her diet as was hoping the Alcar would help with stiffness and wouldn’t hurt at all and the amino acids would be beneficial as well.

At this point I’m thinking my options are to reduce feed if I can’t get a lameness exam done as if we continue as we are definitely not improving and heading down a slippery slope.

Looking forward to some feedback from Dr. Kellon and advice please.

August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada




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