Re: Dr Kellon- insulin results back from Rio and it’s up again!!


Thanks Dr. Kellon,

I agree that her insulin is better than most but I don’t want to continue to slide down the slope we are continuing down and the sooner I can get that insulin down the better.  

I will push to get an appt for the lameness exam and will start hand walking her in the meantime if she feels up to it, which I’m sure she will based on her antics in her pen.

I think I will drop her hay consumption back down to 2% of her BW as well and go from there.  Thanks so much for the advice on this and I appreciate your feedback on how to proceed and will follow your suggestions and reduce feed and handwalk.  Will keep u posted on lameness exam.

Best wishes,

Heather Davis

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Vitamin E, ALCar, PSSM, amino acids have nothing to do with this. Her insulin is likely up because of less exercise but it's not high enough to be an acute laminitis risk.  Many owners would do anything for an insulin that low. You need to get that lameness exam so you can figure out how to get her back exercising again. Walking her is fine. If she has gained weight back to her ideal weight you can restrict her hay to 2%.
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