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Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Erica, I don't have a ton of ideas, but what i have found works from a taste tempter perspective for my two are coco soya or cocoa omega both by Uckele. Also my guys thankfully love beet pulp so I use RSR beet pulp in their TC timothy balance cube buckets with a little LMF low carb complete. Summer likes hers very mushy but Vinnie likes his dry. So to get a little more fluids in him, I make a separate bucket with warm water about 2 gallons and add uckele gut, a handful of lmf low carb, salt, vit e and flax so he has a hot or warm tea.

If you aren't using APF that made a huge difference I think for my two as I started or increased pergolide. I also used it as an immune booster for Summer when she came home from her hospital visit.

I know sometimes this journey can feel awfully alone,  but we are all here rooting for you and your boy. Trust me, I know that feeling of despair and when the odds seem against you.  

Just wanted to let you know I am here and listening and I know you have got this!! One day at a time! Keep the faith. 

Fondly Nancy 
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