Re: Purina Integrity SuperFibra

Mary Ann

Mary Ann & Rosie - Nova Scotia, Canada - Joined August 2020
My vet recommended the Super Fibra Integri T for my PPID mare. I've mentioned about the extra fat and she wasn't concerned. Prior to starting her on the Purina (which I'm only giving her 1 cup daily), she was getting BP, alfalfa pellets and Mad Barn Amino Trace pellets and a small amount of ODTBC, which I've now stopped. I seem to be getting conflicting information between my vet and this group regarding her diet and the need for a follow-up blood test 30 days after increasing her dose. She spoke briefly over the phone and explained that the x-rays looked good, no sign of laminitis. She is concerned that my mare has to be sedated with Dorm gel for any needles and she feels that too much sedation is not good for her and may interfere with the ACTH levels and only wants to take the next blood sample in late fall. She feels no need to increase her dose to 3 mg at this time, due to fact she hasn't had a laminitis episode yet.

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