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vicky monen


I am super perplexed as he is on tested hay that is low 6 %s/s, fed in ultra slow feed hay nets and he is rationed his hay in 4 small servings per day.  He is only in a dry lot with sand. (but he does not get much movement as he is alone due to his lameness issues)  He gets a very small amount of speedi beat 1/4 cup 2x day and he gets stabul1 as his carrier for his supplements and meds.  He is on 2 mg prascend per day.  He does need more exercise which has been limited to walking only since he has been lame for a very long time.  Just recently his lameness has improved to where I can ride him under saddle at the walk and hoping to add light trot work on long straight lines.  If his diet is balanced and tight, what else would be contributing to the high insulin levels since last year? 

He has finally lost weight and I absolutely thought his insulin would be within normal range. 

Could the exercise be the only missing key?  Or am I missing something else? 
Vicky Monen and Samson

Aug 2015, Alpharetta Ga.

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