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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Vicky, 

Some horses seem to have elevated insulin no matter how tight the diet is.  In your case you do have the complication of PPID despite normal ACTH, making dosing of pergolide VERY difficult.  Martha has made 2 really good points about getting Samson's weight down, and about how he is only getting half the effect of pergolide by dosing 2x a day.  Both of these could be changed.  I would also add that soaking hay could help, and I speak from personal experience.  I am in a very similar situation with Shaku, who has IR.  On a 7% s+s hay his insulin was about 42 uIU/ml.  When I started soaking it, his insulin dropped to about 15 uIU/ml.  It's possible you would see a similar reduction in insulin if you try soaking Samson's hay.  Other physicals signs of EMS also improved on the soaked hay, most notably Shaku's goopy eyes cleared up, he has less smegma, and his weight came down from a BCS of 5 to a BCS of 4.5.  It now appears he is also PPID, and like Samson his ACTH is normal, but it is likely that the PPID is making his EMS very hard to control despite all dietary measures I've made.  So now my focus is treating the PPID adequately based on physical signs, as well as continuing to soak hay.

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