Re: Doing blood draws/centrifuge/shipping yourself


Hi Naomi. I am also a nurse and I do all my own blood draws on both my horses. Like others have replied, I can control the time I give Pergolide & the time the labs are due to be drawn. It’s really nice not having to stress about the vet showing up on time to draw blood!! I do not have a centrifuge so I immediately put the blood on ice & take it to my vet to spin & they ship it out to Cornell. I usually call about a week in advance to find out which tubes & how many are needed & to give the clinic a heads up that I’ll be bringing in blood that needs to be spun within 4 hours so I can coordinate the timing with them. I call the day before I draw just as a reminder for them. I have considered getting a centrifuge and spinning myself but I decided that I don’t want to get that deep into it. So far my process works very well for me.  
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