Re: Fergus Case File Added

Sherry Morse

All good on the photo link front now! 

As far as the Standee pellets - you'll be interested in reading this message about their guaranteed analysis:

Do you double net the hay when Fergus is fed as well as using slow feed nets?  That would slow him down a bit.  I also would still like to see him eating a bit more so he's not in starvation mode but I totally understand boarding and hay only happening at set times during the day. 

If you can get the hay tested (again, I know this can be difficult in a boarding situation since I live there as well) you can balance the Mg directly to what he needs.  Otherwise, we recommend 1.5g per 500lbs bodyweight as a supplement.  You can read more about that here: For a good probiotic that's IR friendly a lot of people have had success with Absorb-All ( and if you use code ECIR there's a discount for ECIR members.

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