Re: Hoof x-rays and photos - Lavinia, help please?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Rita,

I took a quick look. You are correct that his toes are miles too far ahead of where they need to be. Heels have moved forward but not as much as it appears - the toe length is skewing a lot. It should only take two trims to get those toes into the correct location. There's a bit of sinking that is also contributing to the thin soles.

The rads were shot from bad angles - from below the feet, aiming upward and thru the blocks. This is making the soles look thinner than they are.

I can get you mark-ups but it won't be until the end of the week, as I have several others to get out before then. If you would also get photos of the hind feet that would be helpful. In the meantime, continue backing the toes every couple of days, if you can. Leave the heels, soles, frogs, bars alone for now.

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