Blood work and discouraged Insulin remains high

Cheryl Oickle

Hi Everyone

Had Jewels yearly blood work done and her ACTH and glucose are in the LOW range of normal. Her insulin is double the high normal at 98,0 uIU perL with normal at 10-40  I will update case history in the next day or so. Actually nothing has changed and she remains tightly controlled on dry lot ECIR diet and 3 mg compounded pergolide daily.  I continue to exercise her to 100 miles a MONTH and her body score is a 5. No clinical evidence of any sort.
The vet is now considering Insulin Wise as an augment.
Any thoughts.  I am at wits end as she has never looked better or managed as tightly.
Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018
Port Alberni BC Canada

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