Re: Case History

Sherry Morse

Hi Deborah,

I just checked and you're definitely a member of the CH subgroup so let's start with the obvious - if you click on your current CH link ( does that open the webpage with your hay analysis folder and current CH form?

  • IF yes, you should be able to click on the "+New/Upload" button which will then show a drop down where you can pick "Upload File".
  • That will open an upload window where you will be able to navigate to wherever you have the NEW saved file on your device. 
  • Follow the directions to upload the new file
  • Once the new file is uploaded please delete the old form out of the folder to save on storage space.

If you get stuck please let me know exactly where you're stuck so we can sort out what's going on.  The most obvious spot would be if you're not signed into but once you sign in you should be able to get to your folder.

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