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Candice Piraino

HI Cyndi!

I can attest for using both APF and J-herb from my Best horse. BOTH are fabulous in my opinion- so whichever you chose that would be a great benefit for your horse. I used APF on my gelding when he foundered a few years ago, and when he first started pergolide. And I currently have him on jherb now and he has been on j-herb for almost a year consistently. It has a lot of benefits, which is why i continue to feed it daily to him.

Also, I wanted to add that I have personally met and spoken to Philip Himanka, and he is a very nice guy and he is very well educated in podiatry care. If you have the chance to get him to come look at your horse, I would HIGHLY recommend you do so. He could be a great resource for you. If he doesn't get out your way, he could also maybe provide you with another contact to help you with hoofcare.

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