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Mary Ann

Sherry & Kristen,
I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. My vet's clinic is the only clinic in my area with large animal vets. I would have to trailer her to the other side of my province to find another large animal vet and that is not an option for me at this time, so a second opinion is not likely to happen. She is VERY difficult to administer needles. She needs to be sedated. I've had all five of the horse vets at my clinic try to do it with only a twitch and she becomes uncontrollable to the point it is not safe for handler, vet or horse. We're getting too late into the summer to get a reliable reading now to see if increase in Prascend has brought her ACTH down. She is getting the small amount of alfalfa to help with stomach irritation from her 4mg every 3 days of Flunixin to control her eye pain and inflammation from her uveitis so I will not be discontinuing that. She gets only 1 cup per day. What is the issue with alfalfa that I should not feed it to her? She was on Omeprazole last year while receiving all her NSAIDS for her prolonged uveitis episode. I am discontinuing the Integri-T. I now have a new batch of hay that I need to test and I have not started to feed that, but the hay she is being fed now is last year's crop and well within the low WSC/NSC limits for a PPID horse. Her xrays look clean. I'm not sure if the negative plantar angle on her RH from last year is what you're referring to as laminitis, but that has since corrected with corrective trimming over the last year. I don't see any signs of laminitis in the other feet, unless I'm missing something and would gladly welcome a more experienced member point out to me what they see in her xrays in the other feet that indicate a previous laminitic episode. She is developing a lax suspensory in that RH and both my vet and farrier think that is the link to her developing the negative P angle in that foot and both believe it is related to her advanced age and the PPID. As for pancreatic breakdown and diabetes, what are my options for treatment? What should I be looking at on her blood panel to indicate these issues? 
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