Re: When to retest

Sherry Morse

Hi Jennifer,

Have you looked at the body condition scoring guide?  I would put Fergus closer to a 6 than a 7 as he doesn't have a trough down his back and has some good muscle, but you have the ability to put hands on him and feel if he has a hard crest or if the fat over his ribs feels spongy or firm.  What is his current weight?  (Information on how to estimate that is also in the CH help link above).  Even though weight tapes aren't always accurate using one will at least give you a general idea of where he's at right now and then if you measure the same way each time you'll be able to gauge if he's losing weight or not.

As far as testing again, I would want to get him checked sooner rather than later.  Since the Thyro-L has little to no effect on insulin it shouldn't be part of your decision on when to recheck him.

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