Re: Saraphina IR

Bobbie Day

Just wanted to comment on these products that others have mentioned, I have fed CT many times as a “replacement “ for my custom mixes. When I’m waiting for my new batch of hay tests for example. And my horses do very well on it, I’m not sure where in CO you are but I’m in SE Utah , it’s an amazing product and fast shipping. And as Lavinia has mentioned Uckele’s absorb all is wonderful as well. My little Cushing’s mare really loved Forco which is also recommended but now that I don’t have to satisfy her picky (sob) appetite I buy absorb all and mix it in my custom mix and give it to all my horses. When I do my mix I throw in some of that, slippery elm and some fenugreek and it smells amazing.
Don’t give up the fight, you’ll get the hang of all this and it will become second nature !

Bobbie and Desi
NRC Plus , NAT , C&IR March 2020
Utah, Nov 2018

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