Re: When to retest insulin?

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Sharon, 

I always give it 1-2 weeks after any diet change before checking insulin.  I understand that insulin will continue to go down over time, but the biggest drop is seen almost immediately, as per the 2 posts by Dr Kellon that I quoted below. 

Diet changes take effect within 1 or 2 days, although insulin may continue to improve over time.
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The insulin response is a function of both the composition of the meal and the insulin sensitivity/glucose tolerance of the individual. A fit racehorse will respond very differently from an IR pony. The IR pony will show different insulins with different meals but insulin sensitivity may improve over time when the load is kept low. For example, insulin receptors that becoming internalized after chronic exposure to high insulin may be released again over time so insulin response on day 1 of the new diet is different from insulin response after a few weeks.--Eleanor in PA 
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