Re: When to retest insulin?

Kirsten Rasmussen

There are also some studies that show that reducing weight to normal has a significant effect on reducing insulin.  So I would really work on getting Rose's BCS down to a 5 or 4.5.  Soaking hay will help but you may need to reduce her hay intake as well.  I would start with removing 0.5 lb/day and see if she starts to slowly lose weight.  If that's not having any effect, or if her weight loss stalls, reduce by another 0.5lbs.  You might have to go as low as 15 lbs a day to get her down to a BSC of 5 (that's what my non-exercising 15.1 HH Paso Fino gets, plus 0.75 lbs carrier for supplement, and he is about 900 lbs with a BCS of 4.5).  But just work your way down slowly.

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