ECIR Group 2021 NO Laminitis! Conference -- Breakout Sessions

Nancy C

Do you need help —
  • Understanding fructan?
  • How to get a solid hay test?
  • Negotiating the groups, libraries and information on the ECIR discussion forum?
  • Getting your Case History in place?
  • Using ECHoof ?
  • Understanding when sole support would help?
  • Learning more about trimming?
  • Understanding the best use of slow hay feeders and safe treats?
  • Do you just have questions?
Fast, 15-minute information sessions, run by ECIR Group Support Team and attending Benefactors will take place at the end of the day, Friday and Saturday.

  • Lavinia Fiscaletti — Using ECIR Hoof to support prevention and recovery.
  • Maxine McArthur — Getting around the ECIR Group on
  • Kirsten Rasmussen — DDT + E —What is it? Why use it?
  • Martha McSherry — Case History how to — tips and tricks on any device!
  • Kathleen Gustafson, PhD — Friday: Fructan. Again. No. Really.  Saturday: There are no dumb questions – ask me anything.
  • Sarah Fessenden — Dairy One/Equi-Analytical
  • Miranda Fior — Pure Sole Products
  • Alexi Schaapveld —  Hay Chix
  • Scott Cieslar — Mad Barn
  • Jeannean Mercuri — Progressive Hoof Care Providers

When: The weekend of August 13 - 15, 2021.

Where: ECIR Virtual Conference Room at the location of your choice.

Full information and registration

Thanks to all who have registered already! We have over 200 attendees with 23 days to go!

As always, many thanks to our generous Benefactors who strongly support the needs of the ECIR Group members.

California Trace
Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots
Auburn Laboratories, Inc. - APF
Mad Barn
Custom Equine Nutrition - VT Blend

Black Horse Spirit, LLC
Progressive Hoof Care Providers

Anderson Feed - NuZu Feed
Omega Fields
My Best Horse
Hay Chix
Island Pharmacy
Triple Crown
Pure Sole
Ontario Dehy

Sox for Horses

New England Equine Balance
Yank Gulch Equine
Great Plains Forage Balance
Ration Plus

On behalf of your hosts,
Cindy McGinley and Sherry Morse,


the 2021 NO Laminitis! Conference Committee.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
ECIR Group Inc. President/Treasurer  2020-2021
Join us at the 2021 NO Laminitis! Conference, August 13-15, ECIR Virtual Conference Room

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