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Hi Vicky,
I don’t think it matters when he gets his pergolide as long as it’s consistent.  I never put pergolide in my horses’ feed because the chances are good that one of them will spit it out somewhere and I’ll never know, unless I happen to notice it someday in the corner of the stall.  I insert it in the cheek pocket, way back but avoiding the teeth, and then watch for a bit.

I don’t think you’ll notice if you give him “too much”.  He appears to tolerate it well.  With my own horses, I check ACTH levels fairly regularly but I will increase the dose without testing if it seems it might help.  If the pergolide readjustment does not result in any desired changes, cutting it back is always an option, aiming for a single dose each day.  The bigger problem is increasing the dose too quickly.  The general guidelines are that if he becomes somewhat dopey, standing around staring into space, go back to your starting dose and increase more slowly.
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