Re: Bullitt - Body condition and Hoof Questions

Cindy Q

Hi Sarah

As you mentioned that he drags the hinds and walks narrow, I was wondering if you ever got him any bodywork eg. massage or chiro. In any event, you may want to look up on youtube Masterson Method. He (Jim Masterson) has several introductory free videos on how can you do some tension release for your pony yourself. Start with the bladder meridian one! I've done the workshop when he was in Australia but he's from the states.

About doing yourself, if you want to remove those flaps on the frogs that Lavinia had marked out (yellow hedging near the widest part of the frogs), I find that bonsai nippers work very well for that! Tian Bonsai Nippers are on amazon and are often recommended/sharp/good quality. I've also used them to nipper back a little section of long/uneven toe on ponies sometimes. I have this one with a straight but slanted edge  . Good rasp yes from any farrier shop. If you have a local one good. If not, I buy online from Well Shod (flat shipping 10 USD). Hellers and Bellotas are pretty popular. You will need basic workman gloves. A good resource to learn with is Pete's DVD series Under the Horse. Wondering how long your usual trim cycle is. You did mention this one was one week overdue.

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