Re: Too Thin and Weepy Eyes

Kirsten Rasmussen

It's never to late to test baseline ACTH.  But if he needs an increase in pergolide, now is the time to start increasing the dose.  The TRH Stim test really should be done outside the seasonal rise though so if you don't do that soon (ie in the next week) you might have difficulty interpreting the results.  Generally we recommend taking them off pergolide for at least 3 weeks prior to the stim test, which I don't think you should do now.

Another option is to test baseline ACTH in the middle of the seasonal rise (late Sep, early Oct).  That will show you how high it goes in Terry.  Of course, by then any medication increase will have less of an effect, but you will have a better idea of how well his pergolide is controlling the PPID.

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