Previcox and Jiaogulan


I know it is not recommended for horses to be on Previcox and Jiaogulan at the same time. Is there a way to transition over from the Previcox to the Jiaogulan without causing a lot of discomfort for our boy? For example, can they be given together if they are offset from each other (giving one in the morning and the other at night)? Or do we have to totally go off the Previcox to go to the Jiaogulan?

I'm sorry we don't have case files uploaded yet. He is a 24 yr Arab gelding diagnosed with Cushings last year. He was on 1/4 tab of Previcox for some Arthritis in his hips and hocks. He was bumped up to 1/2 a tab because of some recent laminitis issues (we have since changed farriers to someone who will correct and trim his feet properly). He is also on 2g of P.E.A. 2x/day for the past few weeks, as he wasn't showing much change with only 2g 1/day.

Thank you,
Chris S, Calgary, AB, Canada, 2020

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