Re: When to retest insulin?

Sharon Stokesbary

Thank you Kirsten. I think Rose has already lost some weight with the changes I've made. Her starting weight was from a scale at the vet and now I'm using a weight tape so not sure exactly but she is starting to look better. Tape shows 50 lbs but i don't think it's that much yet. The vet does not want to look at using metformin at this point and suggested waiting the six weeks first to retest her insulin and then discuss metformin. I understand a better weight would probably get her insulin lower but I was thinking the >200 insulin meant it was somewhat urgent to lower it. 

She is doing well and not showing lameness now. She had some body work done last weekend (Masterson Technique) and she left that appt without the odd gait she'd developed stepping short on the right and she is still good as of today. So things are looking up. :-)
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