Re: Horse Now Too Thin


I am feeding the hay that the analysis was done on.  It is from our field and a neighbor's field.  He is getting about 10 pounds of hay morning and night.  His complete diet is as follows:

Hay - 10 pounds
Stabul 1 - 1 pound
EquiVM = 1 scoop
Monosodium - 1.5 scoops
Salt - 2 tbs
Phyto-Quench Pellets - 1 scoop
Flax Seed = 1 scoop
Magnesium - 1 pill
Vitamin E - 1 pill

Hay - 10 pounds
Stabul 1 - 1 pound
Equi VM - 1 scoop
Salt - 2tbs
Flax Seed - 1 scoop
Prascend - 1 pill
Vitamin E - 1 pill
Magnesium - 1 pill

I started mixing in some low sugar, low starch feed with the Stabl 1 just to get him to eat it.  He will not eat anything in the grain dish if I do not.  I am headed to the store tomorrow to find a better feed to mix in.  Any suggestions?  I can go back to unsweetended applesauce too if need be to spice it up.  
Anne Leighty
Freeport, Michigan

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