Re: Saraphina IR


Hi Cindy,
I have been going with recommended hay increase from messages from the group.
I had her on 7lbs morning,7lbs evening total 14lbs a day( recommended by my vet) when I joined the group July 14 I increased her hay to9 lbs, then 10lbs,I’m now giving her 12lbs in the morning and 12lbs in the evening. I am in the barn thru out the day. She pretty much eats all day but is not eating the hole 12 lbs per feeding. I would say she is eating about 9lbs of the 12lbs.As for the thryo-L
That was prescribed by my vet to get any fat off her and the vet had me give her Nutrena boost to help maintain her weight,and since I joined the group I had no idea she should not be on it. I read that I needed to slowly decrease the dosage of the thryo-L which I have done.She no longer gets any grain.I have been trying the suggested feeds and as of today she will only eat the hay. I’m still trying thru out the day to get her to eat the feed and beet pulp.I have photos from June 20th, We we’re walking her and her weight was really good! Please understand I have made a lot of changes due to all the information I have learned since I joined the group only weeks ago. I will take your advise on the easyboot cloud pads. The farrier Philip Himanka is coming out today to work on her feet. He doesn’t seem very optometrist for this trim but I’m praying she will pull thru this. Her rads in may 2021 did not look bad, and even June 20th she was walking comfortably.Her last trim was June 28th, since then there have been drastic changes.
Thank you for all your advise. I am listening and appreciate all the help!

Cyndi Carlson in Colorado 2021 ( ) ( )

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