Relevante trim mark-ups

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Lynn,
I've added the latest mark-ups to Relevante's album:,,,50,2,0,0

You had the right idea on the areas that needed attention. Continue to roll the toes under all around. Also need to get on top of the underrun/flaring heels so they can stand up straighter and support him better. I'm marking up the post trim photos, so by now there will be more growth in all areas so you'll need to adjust for that. Measure both collateral grooves at their deepest points in each foot before making changes so you know what you have/don't have to work with. You don't want to inadvertently lower the heel height relative to the height of the front half of the feet.
LF dorsal: Green line follows the angle of the new growth down. Blue is the remaining wall flare that needs to be removed.
LF sole: Lateral heel is flared along with part of the wall. Bring that flare in and bevel the wall in the heel completely out of weight bearing (blue hashes). Set him up to stand on only the bar and the bar-wall junction, as those will be the remaining highest points - taller than the wall in the heel. Add a rocker to the backs of both heel buttresses toward the heel bulbs (orange). Leave soles, frogs, rest of bars alone except for any crumbling areas or flaps. Roll the toe under.
RF lateral: Roll the toe (blue) and rocker the back of the heels (orange).
RF sole: Lateral heel has run further forward than the medial one and has flared outward along with the bar. It is slowly twisting the entire hoof capsule medially. Again, take the wall entirely out of weight bearing in the heel and along that lateral side where it is flared and crumbling. Set up the bar-wall junction as the highest, weight bearing point. Do that on the medial heel buttress as well. Rocker the backs of the heel buttresses back toward the heel bulbs. Roll the toe.
LH lateral: Roll the toe under.
LH sole: Same idea as the fronts. This one is responding the best at the moment, with less flaring remaining thru the heels. Lateral heel has a slight remaining flare and both need to stand up straighter, so again, set up the bar-wall junctions as the highest points by taking away the wall in the heels. Ramp/rocker/bevel the backs of the buttresses back toward the heel bulbs.
RH lateral: Roll the toe under (blue). Rocker the back of the heels (orange).
RH sole: Same discussion as for the LH. Again, the lateral heel still has the slight flare while the medial heel just needs to be coaxed to stand up straighter. Roll the toe and rocker the backs of the buttresses after setting the bar-wall junction as the high point by taking the wall out of weight bearing in the heel.
Don't forget to add aggressive bevels to the treads of his new boots at both the toes (9-3) and across the backs of the heels to help keep the breakover aligned where it should be and to help him roll over his heels more quickly on landings.
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