Lavinia - Hoof advice needed for Dually

Kim Leitch

I have posted an almost complete set of hoof pictures (somehow missed the RH lateral). I will take it later today, but with a far inferior camera.
Dually is very foot sore after every trim by the farrier, who comes every six weeks. I back his toes up from the top at the three week point between trims; this does not make him ouchy. I really don't think his hooves have improved at all over the last few years. These pictures were taken two weeks after the farrier's trim, and the foot-soreness was beginning to improve. On the fronts, the deepest point on the collateral groove is 3/4 inch, I can't even get a measurement at the apex of the frog. His hinds are better than the fronts as far as concavity is concerned.
His bloodwork looks great, and his diet is tight and balanced.
Would you be able to do some mark ups for him? My farrier will be back on August 12, or if you are too busy, he returns September 21.
Thank you so much!
Kim 10-2014

Clover, SC

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