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To All -

Thank you very much for all the information - just to make it more clear - the cubes that were hard from OD a couple of years ago were very hard and when soaked, they turned into that pea soup consistency - maybe I shouldn't have said pea soup consistency - was trying to find something yesterday that resembled the way they looked and found photos of (don't laugh) cake mixes that had been blended and if you know what cake mixes look like when they are blended, that's the way these cubes looked - there were no bits of hay in them and they were of a creamy smooth consistency as in a cake mix blend before it's put in the oven -

My pony now drinks all the liquid around these newer shredded and soaked cubes from OD and is then left with the coarse hay pieces which he has trouble swallowing.  No amount of water or soaking time will matter because the hay is still there and is still coarse for him.

I saw a post on here from a while ago from someone who said that her horse had a sore throat and couldn't eat forage of any kind as he had choked on something and his throat was still sore - I feel that this is the problem with my pony - from choking a few times, I believe his throat has been irritated by it and so the coarseness of the cubes irritates his throat as our throats would feel if we tried to eat when we had a sore throat - Also, I did notice though that at the times when I've given him Banamine if he is a little arthritic or sore, he can eat these coarse cubes with no problem at all - so the Banamine takes away the pain in his throat

I've been looking into the Standlee Timothy Alfalfa haycubes (don't know the NSC numbers for them though) for him as there is Bentonite added which will make the cubes hard and therefore like the "cake mix" consistency that he had before - don't know if Alfalfa makes them that consistency but what I've read about binders, they make the cubes a certain consistency and hard which is okay with me as long as they turn out to be that smooth cake mix consistency.

Will let you know what happens - 
Nancy Gaiser-NY-2021

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