Re: Diet/Supplement Questions for Cupcake (Alison) + recommended blood work + Prascend dose

Sherry Morse

Hi Rebecca,

Normal horses do not eat 24/7 even if they have access to food at all times. However, one of the issues with many IR horses is that they have elevated Leptin so they don't have an off switch when it comes to eating.  Letting this sort of horse eat free choice will result in them remaining fat and continuing to have elevated insulin in a never ending cycle until something is changed (which is usually the amount of hay fed and restrictions in feeding). 

If Cupcake is taking a full 24 hours to eat her hay ration that's fine as long as the amount she's fed is still what she should be eating and not free choice.

If the vet is coming in the next few days you can test ACTH, you just need to be cognizant of the rise and that there is an adjustment to be made for that.  The fact that you're seeing positive improvements points to IR being the main issue and the diet changes helping with that.

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