Frodo - Radiographs, Iron Panel Results - in Flare-Up


It has been a while since I have updated or needed some support. Unfortunately, Frodo is in the midst of a laminitis flare-up and has been terribly lame for four weeks. The laminitic episode started after we began a new supplement. It may be coincidental, but I wanted to note it (supplement was immediately removed from his diet).

I have updated his case history and noted various changes since the last update, particularly in the comments. The most recent hay analysis documents are also uploaded.

The vet was also out recently, and we checked for Lyme disease and a KSU Iron Panel. I also wish we would have done a ACTH and Insulin to see how they compare to 2019. Radiographs of his front feet were taken. I will update hoof and body pictures in the next day or so.

I would love support with the following:
  1. KSU Iron Panel interpretation - noted in my case history, but I will upload actual document as well - my vet only looked at the individual tests, but in reading about Dr. Kellon's work on iron overload, it seems there is more to it. 
  2. X-ray mark-ups
  3. Other ideas welcomed!
As a side note, we have lost two of our horses (Thunder and Soozee) in the past year or so to non-hoof/IR/PPID causes. Do I need to update their files to note that?

Many thanks!

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