Re: Dr. Kellon - request for clarification of diabetes and pancreatic dysfunction in lab results

Nancy C

Hi Mary Ann

Not Dr Kellon, but I had a diabetic gelding.  I can offer some info for you.

PubMed quite a few studies on diabetes in horses.

While not the majority of horses, there are many that have been reported here.  Searching on diabetes in the case history sub group brings up a number of case histories that mention diabetes.

Your horse is IR as well as PPID. The ingredients in the senior feeds can make the IR worse, specifically fat, inverted omega 3 and 6, iron and manganese. The use of ground wheat as the starch would give me pause. As far as I can tell they do not list the starch guarantee. Here are a couple of links to explain other aspects of your questions.

Soaking hay originated here in 2002 or so. Retesting a hay crop what will be soaked long term is the recommendation. You would need to resample the soaked/dried hay and send to the lab. In 2012, I found major reduction in ESC, potassium and iron.  All good news which allowed me to more correctly and tightly balance my rations.

We have many horses on pergolide at doses higher than the label. My gelding got as high as 14 mg. Here is a link to some of the ECIR historical data.

Dr Kellon will be reviewing current and potential medications in two of her presentations at the NO Laminitis! Conference. in two weeks. AAVSB RACE approved veterinary credits are available.

I can't speak to pancreatic exhaustion specifically but I suspect the goal would still be to make the insulin sensitivity as good as possible, with diet as a core element.

Hope this helps.
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