Re: Dr. Kellon - request for clarification of diabetes and pancreatic dysfunction in lab results

Kirsten Rasmussen
This us a summary of known effects of sedatives on insulin, glucose and ACTH.

I wonder if the use of the dorm is affecting Rosie's insulin and glucose results?  Could you ask your vet to try sedating with Valium before her appointment?  It is the least likely to affect insulin, glucose and ACTH.

I too tested my soaked hay.  I dried it in the oven on the lowest setting ("warming") I have before mailing it.  It should be dry for the lab.

While in Canada the recommended upper dose for Prascend is 2mg, in the US, the package insert says Prascend can be increased to 3mg, and in the UK it say it can be increased to 5 mg.  It is a regulatory issue, not a safety issue.

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