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 Hi Cyndi,

I use Phyto-quench with Devil’s Claw with good results.  I believed I mentioned that in a pm.  Can you describe her soreness a bit?  Is it in her feet and you notice it when she walks or something else?  Does she favor one foot?  Does she lie down?  You’ve mentioned it a lot and I know it bothers you.  Have you searched the messages for ‘pain’?  You may get some good tips there as most people have the same concern with their horses at this stage in the process.  CBD comes to mind.  There may be an abscess brewing.

If she’s eating her hay well, and her minerals are eaten with the hay, what else are you feeding her that she won’t eat?  I still think any fussiness about eating might well be related to her need for more pergolide.  Is she getting 1 tube of UlcerGard or GastroGard daily?  

I don’t think you should be concerned with the T-4 as it’s described to be in the normal range, I think.  Someone else might have a different opinion.  I think Sherry might have reorganized your case history folder for you - it looks good to me now, so the only need there is to add data to your case history form/file.
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