Re: Dr. Kellon - request for clarification of diabetes and pancreatic dysfunction in lab results

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Nancy has answered the majority of your questions. I want to first focus on the sedation. It is well known that this drug causes a rise in glucose and insulin suppression and after two hours or so that reverses. Either way, you cannot get accurate results in the sedated horse. This is the most recent study: .

As for excitement causing an ACTH increase, it doesn't. Taking blood does not cause a rise in ACTH regardless of excitement level .  Response to stressors like a twitch or an injection of epinephrine only lasts 5 to 10 minutes.

As for diabetes in horses, you may not need that information after all but if your vet does a basic PubMed search she will find several papers. I just posted two recently where they were also hypertriglyceridemic.

Pergolide dose is highly individual. The animal should get the dose that controls the ACTH.
Eleanor in PA 
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