Re: Saraphina insulin test results

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Cindy,

Unfortunately, carving her already thin soles likely made her more painful as now there is even less protection between the ground and her coffin bones :(  If she IS brewing an abscess, using NSAIDs will only slow down the process and make it last longer. Horses with ulcers tend to want to eat only hay as grains of any kind make them feel worse. As long as she's eating her hay, I'd hold off on the grain for now and keep giving the Gastrogard. You could try giving her smaller, more frequent hay meals to see if she will et more overall.

Giving NSAIDs while on Gastrogard has been found to not only not help, it made the overall situation worse:,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,bute+and+gastrogard,20,2,0,80902265

Although this study was done using bute, it seems to warrant caution with all NSAIDs.

When she was trimmed, were her heels lowered? Was there anything taken off the bottom of the rest of the walls? Were the frogs trimmed? Were her back feet trimmed?

I would want to see the trimmer back to do more adjustments in two weeks rather than waiting 4 weeks.

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