Re: Saraphina insulin test results

Maxine McArthur

Cyndi, when you said Saraphina has "socks" on, do you mean like human socks? Does she have any padding on the bottom of her feet? If she has bare (unshod) feet and just a thin layer of sock, you could try giving her some more padding. There are several ways to do this--boots with pads, or even baby diapers, or pads duct-taped to the feet. If she can't pick up her feet for you to do this, you may have to wait until she is lying down. Pad material is whatever works for her--yoga mats, wool felt, styrofoam, even layers of dry poultice can offer support and comfort. It needs to be something that supports the foot when weight is on it, but that pressure needs to come off when the horse takes weight off the foot. (This is why nailed-on shoes with pads aren't useful.)
You can also experiment with cutting out some of the pad to offer relief to any specifically painful areas. 

Cindy had some great suggestions re boots and pads in your previous thread, here:

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