Re: Saraphina insulin test results


Hi Lavinia

-- yes I have to say I was very concerned when I saw him take ANY sole off! Especially since he saw the rads, his concern was a abscess so he shaved some sole. He took toe off and what he called bars on July 24th.She had 2 grams of Bute that day ( per my conversation with him and vet to” get the job done”)and Philip suggested Equioxx for pain after the 24th. I gave her two days of Equioxx not knowing  Whether I should do that or not. I did not continue the Equioxx BUT after a vet visit last night, because my ongoing concerns with pain and not eating she suggested Equioxx again! I gave her two tabs last night, I will STOP! Due to the problems I NOW understand it will cause, I’m talking one day on them!Saraphina is currently in cloud boots,with Artimud,socks between hoofs and boots with blue pads in them on lots of shavings.i will pass this on to the farrier but my concerns Lavinia is what trimming can he do?My last hoof photos were after he trimmed her toes July 24th ( he said he could not cut anymore off) so he had no intention of coming back for 4 weeks. Upon your review he WILL come back at my request,he has been keeping in contact with me.Saraphina craves hay and hay particularly dry no grain, and yes she is getting a tube of Gastrogard daily. I would greatly appreciate any input!
Cyndi Carlson in Colorado 2021

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