Re: How many hours is safe to go between "meals"

Kirsten Rasmussen

How do I do the feedings on testing day knowing she will have food inhaled in 30 min then another 3hrs of "fasting" before the next "meal"?
3 hours is not long enough to cause fasting.  As long as she starts her meal at least 4 hours before the vet arrives, it doesn't matter when she finishes it.  You could also, on vet day, give her 2x as much in the am.  I know my horse will be sedated when the vet is here and he won't eat his "noon" meal because he'll still be dopey, so I give it to him early with his breakfast.

Don't stress too much about her meals being finished quickly during the day, as long as you set out the next meal within 6 hours of the first, which it sounds like you can do most days.  Slowing her down is good with hay nets and muzzles is good, but if you just can't slow her down then spacing her feedings is key.  Overnight is harder, unless you only need 6 hrs of sleep!   I feed 2/3 of the daily hay overnight.  If she's stalled it might not be possible, but there are ways to set up a timer for feeding (also helpful for days when you are not at home).  As Bonnie said, too, making a second overnight hay net harder to eat by double-netting does help, or perhaps using a muzzle overnight.

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