Re: Saraphina insulin test results

Sherry Morse


For sole pictures you only need to have her rest her hoof up on the toe (like you did here:,,,20,1,20,0) if that's the most she's comfortable with.  For the other shots trying to get more of the cannon bone in is helpful as it gives an overall view of how the hoof lines up with the entire leg.  I use my phone to do pictures and I do put it on the floor several feet back from the horse to do the pictures and I'll do one foot and then check all the pictures and delete the ones that don't have good lighting or are blurry.  It sounds relatively easy to do when you read the directions, but as you already know, it takes quite a bit of time to get the right shots.  Don't get too frustrated, we've all been there - and then there's the part where you find out you completely forgot a foot or certain views of one foot and you have to do the whole thing again.

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