Frances C--re changing your subscription email address

Maxine McArthur

Hi Frances
You sent an email to the admins asking for your subscription email address to be changed. Unfortunately when we replied to you, both the email addresses bounced. I hope you see this message. 

In case others are also wondering, directions on changing your email address are in the 'Account' section of your subscription. 
You can access this section by 1. On a computer-- click on the little downward arrow below your name on the far right in the blue bar at the top of this page. 2. On a phone -- click on the little widget icon on the far right of the blue bar at the top of the screen; then click on 'Account'. 3. Go to the Wiki, 'Messages Help' then 'How to change your email and password', follow the directions.

Maxine and Indy (PPID) and Dangles (PPID)

Canberra, Australia 2010
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