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It has been recommended to me by this group to get <7% ESC + Starch for Callisto.
Hi, Lara.
To amplify a bit, the advice is to shop for hay has ESC + starch of <10% As Fed BUT also to be aware that some equines need hay with even lower combined ESC + starch, in the range at or below 7%. Soaking is the prudent thing to do with hay with no analysis confirming that it falls within the safe range. 

Can you explain why you think Callisto needs hay with the lower level of ESC + Starch? Despite the fact Callisto's insulin is above the reference range in your IDEXX labs, it is NOT horribly elevated. His body condition looks pretty good. I see no crest. For many equines, insulin in that range is where their metabolic type falls on the scale. 

As for hoof tenderness, four feet with ground parallel-to-negative coffin bone angles, thin soles and trimmed frogs could be sufficient to cause discomfort. Maybe you've made a lot of progress since your latest photos at the end of June. My small suggestion is to trim the hair at the coronary bands so that you can really see how long those toes are viewed from the side. If you would like hoof mark-ups with more clarity, take current hoof photos as described in the Wiki. Then post a new topic here with a subject like, Request Mark-ups. An ECIR moderator with more hoof experience can provide valuable feedback. 

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