Re: thoughts on teff hay?


I came across this old thread and wanted to add something for anyone considering or using teff hay. The cuttings that contain seeds are dangerous because the fine seed stems are actually rough/barbed and they work their way into any delicate areas such as mouth, gums, and even eyes. All three of my equines experienced this. My vet extracted a long piece of stem from my pony's upper gum during a dental, my others mare had an awful mouth ulcer, and my mule had a stem work up under the eyelid that the vet extracted and had to treat an eye ulcer! Pony also had a stem in eye that I was luckily able to get out. The stems work in one direction and do not back out. 

Otherwise we didn't have problems with teff, but I wish I had know about the seed stem issue before I bought a large load of hay! I stopped buying teff because it was too hard to source and guarantee it wouldn't have seed heads. Hopefully this will save some horses some pain and owners some vet bills. 
Nicole P
2021, Minnesota 

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