Re: New Shot of Fergus - Why doesn't the weight tape see to reflect what I am seeing?


Hi, Jennifer.
There are several possibilities. If you're using a standard weight tape, it may not be well-suited to capture a 25 or 40 pound weight loss in a pony.

Have you tried the ECIR weight calculator? Instead of extrapolating a weight from the heart girth only, the calculator also takes height and length into consideration. Go to the Wiki and search for weight calculator where you will find a link to DL the calculator. Horse Weight Calculator.xlsx  The hardest part of using the calculator is to measure your pony the exact same way each time. Fudging with the tape by an inch here or an inch there can make a big difference.

My next suggestion is to set up one standard location with good light to take your photos. Take them the same way, from the same distance, each time. Then compare them side by side. Here are two examples in Cayuse's Photo Album showing some weight loss over a 7 month period.,,,50,2,0,0,,,50,2,0,0 
These photos taught me what my lyin' eyes could not see: the camera does not lie.  Follow the Wiki instructions for body condition shots.    A clean lens or maybe a different camera may help.

Weight loss should be slow and steady. It can take a while. 
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