Re: New Shot of Fergus - Why doesn't the weight tape see to reflect what I am seeing?

Jennifer Green

Good to know. I have removed Purina enrich from his diet and he’s on the mineral forage based diet now. Waiting for hay analysis results.  

We REALLY cut back on carrots and I bought him “safe” treats that I try to feed much more sparingly (this part is still hard for me since when I got him he had a lot of fear and PTSD; food seemed to be the best pathway to gaining g trust and we both developed some bad habits. I for sure should have tried clicker training). He does also get his hay soaked but we didn’t cut back on the actual amount that he eats, just started weighing it to make sure we’re consistent. Hopefully all these changes haven’t made his body register starvation. He certainly has lost some weight,  but he hasn’t had any of the weight “fall off” by any stretch. Since he hasn’t foundered, we’ve been able to keep him in full work. I had noticed he was a acting little sluggish when being ridden and it was recommended that I add flax to his food. He does seem much more like himself now; still less edgy but more peppy.  

How would I know if his body is in starvation mode? Are there signs I could look for?   

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