Re: The best diet for horse with Cushing AND Lyme...

Kirsten Rasmussen

but its just been since he coliced that he's having issues.
Since he colicked, we've also moved into the seasonal rise when Cushings can start to cause issues in apparently normal horses, plus the Lyme infection could have occurred at any time but may now be rearing it's ugly head due to a generally suppressed immune system from the PPID and/or the colic event.  With PPID, a lot of seemingly unrelated things can happen at once because of its effect on suppressing the immune system.

A commercial grain diet is not necessarily bad for a horse in work (unless that is ALL he was getting, but I'm sure the bulk of his diet before was also forage and that you are talking about eliminating a few lbs of grains).  If the forage alone can't give them the calories they need, then sometimes a boost in the form of grains is justified.  It depends on the horse and their workload.

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